You Are Better Than You Think

You Are Better                    Than You Think

       You are better than you think, so change the way you think. If it’s true that we’re a stronger person than we think, more capable than we think, more valuable than we think, more talented than we think and even more, then why don’t we believe it? What if the biggest gap between who you are right now and your full potential is in the way you think about yourself?


       We are a direct result of our beliefs, as Henry Ford once said “the man who believes he can and the man who believes he can’t are both correct.” It is true that if we are convinced that we will fail at something either we won’t even try or we will absolutely fail. To me this is a display of how powerful our thinking and beliefs are. If we were told growing up that we are always screwing things up and never finish what we start, that becomes our normal, our belief. What you believe will directly result in how you conduct yourself in relationships, in your career, and every aspect of life. Therefore, if we can change what we believe about ourselves we will transform into that new belief. For example, we may have a normal belief about ourselves from growing up that we are worthless and have nothing to offer. This belief leads to settling in many areas of life to a low standard because that is what we believe we deserve. A belief of worthlessness leads to poverty, broken relationships, and accepting the scraps because that is what a person with a low value deserves.


       You are not worthless, you have an incredible value, you are capable, you are amazing and can do more than you can imagine. Once we believe the truth about ourselves we become set free to live it out. A person of worth and value does not settle, they do not allow people to treat them poorly because they know they don’t deserve it. You are a person of worth and it’s time to change the way you see yourself. This will be a process and a long road to undo all the lies that other people have told you all the years of your life. Even past repetitive experiences may be convincing us of failure, but it’s not the truth.

What can you do?

       The world surrounding us, including other hurt people, have the ability to constantly feed us with negativity and lies about ourselves. We will eventually become what we feed ourselves with. If we are told enough times that we can’t it becomes our belief. So, if we start to feed ourselves with what we want to become then our thinking begins to change. First, recognize the area that your thinking needs to change. Second, it’s time to get rid of or distance yourself from everything or everyone that is feeding you full of those lies. Healthy boundaries to protect your well being from others are important. Third, begin to feed on the truth which is the opposite of what you have been told. This step will not feel right, it will be uncomfortable and it will feel like you are lying to yourself by saying “I am worthy”, “I am Valuable”. It this feels like a lie then you know you’re on the right track, now it’s time to get rid of that. Feed on “I am Valuable” or “I’m not alone” until it becomes your normal no matter how long it takes. You can find good material to feed on from YouTube, books, podcasts, or choosing to be around more positive people etc. One of the best tools I have learned to adopt is reading an affirmation out loud every single morning. This can be long or short but should say exactly what you need to hear and what you want to change about your thinking. Start with a post it note on your mirror with simple words like “I am successful” or “I am always positive”. Even if you are not always positive currently, you are not lying by saying “I am always positive” because that is the real truth.

Feed on this!

       You are better than you think in every aspect of your life! You haven’t even begun to see how amazing you are! You are unique and the world is on the edge of they’re seat waiting to see and experience you in your fullness. It’s time to exchange our old thinking about ourselves for the truth. No more living less than we can be, no more putting up with the garbage we’ve been told. Feed on what you want to become, and change the way you think, because in truth, you are better than you think.

-Derick Soland

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